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Energy Products & Engineering Corp. is one of today's leading companies dedicated to provide total control and full building automation by meting the specifications and needs of each particular client.  Dedication, innovation, quality and excellent customer service are the factors that best describe our Company.

        Our mission: To provide energy management equipment
                 or methods to satisfy the needs of every client.

With more than 40 years of combine experience our staff of engineers and technical personal is ready to help you in all you’re HVAC and mechanical needs as well as your controls and energy management needs.  Some of the companies that had benefit from our Energy Management services are Hotels, Hospitals, Manufacturing Industries, Department Stores and Restaurants.  They had reduced their energy bills by more than a 10%, providing them with a reasonable return of investment.  Also, lost of new projects are been specified with our products. Our team of experts at Energy Products &

Engineering Corp.
will provide you with consulting services regarding your existing equipment and/or new projects.   We also  offered preventive maintenance programs that will keep your system on line, trouble free and will prolong the equipment life.  Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.